“XERXES THE DARK” is a Dark Ambient project founded in 2005 by Morego Dimmer, an Iranian Dark Ambient pioneer, that also masters the Drone and Experimental genres. With a music focused in the creation of bizarre atmospheres that easily reverberates an agonizing and dreadful sense of doom, this musician from Tehran is rapidly placing himself as the greatest revelation of the genre in the Middle East.​
Morego Dimmer describes the project as a “conceptual ambient project with the essence of experimental journeys into the dark and psychedelic space”. Xerxes The Dark is the first Iranian dark ambient music project and the main musical theme of the project is based on “space, time and beyond…”. XTD is the main music project of Morego Dimmer beside Nyctalllz, Nahan, Morego, Blind Owl and Ostanes.


2006- DIM (Amduscias Records/USA, Smell The Stench/AUS)
2007- Artificial Hell (Split album with Nyctalllz, Amduscias Records/USA)
2008- AZOIX: The Kingdom of all the Dark Ambient Moments (Amduscias Records/USA)
2008- At Night (Split album with Ego Death, Sewer Records/GRE)
2012- Capricornus Exotica (Kalpamantra/UK)
2013- Astral Code Connection (Kalpamantra/UK, Mulehorse Records/AUS)
2013- Quantum Bang (split Album with Müldeponie, CVLMINIS/RUS, Depressive Illusions Records/UKR)
2016- Transmutation- The 10th Anniversary Album (Kalpamantra/UK)

EPs & Singles
2007- Noctambulations Amongs Nebula (Amduscias Records/USA)
2008- NOUGHT (Amduscias Records/US)
2009- Utter Darkness (Amduscias Records/US)
2013- Full Moon Divenerium (Kalpamantra/UK)
2013- Parapsycoal (Self Release)
2014- Secret Science (Self Release)
2015- Xenophillis (Kalpamantra/UK, CVLMINIS/RUS)
2015- Quantal (kalpamantra/UK)
2016- Insomare(UAE Records/NO)

2008- Sprimmer (Timetheory/USA)
2014- H5N1 (Toxic Industries/ITA)
2015- Skyline Access (Xernex/CR)
2016- The Collective II (Noctivagant/USA)
2016- Eudoxus (Kalpamantra/UK)
2016- Gorgons Tale (Black Mara Records/RUS)
2016- Iran Experimental Underground 016 Survey(Unexplained Sounds/ITA)
2016- Terra Relicta Presents: Dark Ambient Vol 1(Terra Relicta/US)
2016- Unexplained Sounds 2016- the 2nd annual recognition test (Unexplained Sounds Group)
2017- 2017-F​​.​​Y​​.​​E​​.​​O. - Selected Frequencies Volume II - (Reverse Alignment, SWD)

Other Music Projects
Nyctalllz is the first Iranian Noise Project (2007-now)
MOREGO is the Neo Classical/ Post Rock Project (2009-now)
Nahan was the personal Ambient Black project, Disbanded (2007-2009)
Blind Owl was the Dark Ambient/Neo Wave Band, Disbanded (2008-2009)
Ostanes was the Doom-Death Metal Band, Disbanded (2009-2010)

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