Wendy Carlos

Profile: Composer Wendy Carlos spurred electronic music to new commercial heights during the late '60s, popularizing the synthesizer with the enormously successful Switched-On Bach album. Born in Pawtucket, RI, on November 14, 1939, Carlos pursued her M.A. in composition under Vladimir Ussachevsky and Otto Luening at Columbia University's famed Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Following her graduation, she moved to Manhattan, where she found work as a recording engineer. In Manhattan, she met Dr. Robert Moog and, not long afterward, she began playing the Moog synthesizer. Carlos released her first recording, Switched-On Bach, in 1968. A showcase for the Moog synthesizer, Switched-On Bach interpreted the legendary composer's most renowned fugues and movements via state of the art synth technology; purists were appalled, but the record captured the public's imagination and in time the album became the first classical record to be certified platinum by the RIAA. It also earned three Grammy Awards. A similar effort, The Well-Tempered Synthesizer, followed in 1969. In 1971 Carlos introduced the vocoder -- an electronic device designed to synthesize the human voice. After 1976's Brandenburg Concertos 3-5, Carlos and longtime collaborator, Rachel Elkind, wrote the score for Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. Two years later, she wrote music for Tron, Disney's action movie about video games. Subsequent efforts included a spoof of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" recorded with "Weird" Al Yankovic and Switched-On Bach 2000.

Sites: wendycarlos.com

Aliases: Walter Carlos

Labels: CBS, Audion, CBS Masterworks, Telarc, East Side Digital, Computer Music Journal


Switched-On Brandenburgs ◄ (5 versions) CBS 1980
Tron - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ◄ (8 versions) CBS 1982
Digital Moonscapes ◄ (7 versions) CBS Masterworks 1984
Beauty In The Beast ◄ (3 versions) Audion 1986
Secrets Of Synthesis ◄ (3 versions) CBS 1987
"Weird Al" Yankovic & Wendy Carlos - Peter & The Wolf / Carnival Of The Animals - Part II ◄ (2 versions) CBS, CBS 1988
Switched-On Bach 2000 (CD, Album) Telarc 1992
Sonic Seasonings + (2xCD, Album, RE, RM, Enh) East Side Digital 1998
Tales Of Heaven And Hell (CD, Enh, Album) East Side Digital 1998
The Well-Tempered Synthesizer (CD, Album, Enh) East Side Digital 1999
Clockwork Orange - Complete Original Score (CD, Album, Enh, RM) East Side Digital 2000
Switched-On Bach ◄ (4 versions) East Side Digital 2001
By Request (CD, Album) East Side Digital 2003
Rediscovering Lost Scores Volume Two (CD) East Side Digital 2005
Rediscovering Lost Scores Volume One (CD) East Side Digital 2005


Switched-On Boxed Set (4xCD, Album, Box) East Side Digital 1999


Computer Music Journal Sound Examples (Flexi, S/Sided) Computer Music Journal Unknown
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