Steve Brand

Real Name: Steve Brand

Sites: MySpace

Aliases: Augur

Variations: Steve Brand S. Brand

Labels: XZF, Blade Records, Afe Records, Steve Brand, Hypnos Secret Sounds, AtmoWorks, Relaxed Machinery, Hypnos, Pioneer Light Music

The Quiver Of Dreams (CDr) XZF 2004
Steve Brand & Jonathan Benham - One Hour As The One Who Watches (CDr) Blade Records 2005
Awakensong (CDr) Afe Records 2006
Cahokia ◄ (2 versions) Steve Brand 2007
Twilightmind (CD, Album) Steve Brand 2007
Looking Into The Other (CDr, Ltd) Afe Records 2007
SoulSpiral ◄ (4 versions) AtmoWorks 2008
Because We Were Once Covered In Gold (CDr, Album) AtmoWorks 2008
LightTools (CDr) AtmoWorks 2008
Bridge To Nowhere (CDr, Ltd) Hypnos Secret Sounds 2008
She Covers The Sky (CDr, Album) AtmoWorks 2009
Disturbed Earth / Steve Brand - The First Day Unnamed (CDr, Album) AtmoWorks 2009
Children Of Alcyone (CDr) Hypnos Secret Sounds 2009
Steve Brand + ISHQ - Spiritual Science / The Voice From Home (2xCDr, Album) AtmoWorks 2009
Coniunctio (2xCDr, Album) Relaxed Machinery 2010
Circular Scriptures (CDr, Album) Relaxed Machinery 2010
Disturbed Earth, Steve Brand - What Is Memory? ◄ (3 versions) Relaxed Machinery 2011
Avatara (CD, Album) Hypnos 2011


Codex (CDr, Comp) Steve Brand 2008
Upwelling ◄ (3 versions) Pioneer Light Music 2011
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