Members: Adrian Smith

Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Minimalist


Location: Luton, Un

Bio: Skripglow (Adrian Smith) has been recording since the late 70's. Early work involved the use of "organic microphones" and multiple tape recorders to produce a "sea of undulating sound" from the most natural sources available. These sources included the cattle, pigs and chickens on his grandmothers farm, local streams and bridges and the "sound of the grass growing." In 1980 he purchased an EMS Synthi A "from a man in the pub" and a Copicat echo-unit from a shop in Berlin. He later added a Binson Space-Echo, a Powertran Delay Unit, a Buchla synthesiser and a drum machine of indeterminate origin. After several months of experimentation and modification Skripglow began committing sounds to tape. In 1982 he was hit by a car while walking home from a Hawkwind gig. He was hospitalised for eight weeks and wheelchair-bound for seven months. During his convalescence he refined his recording techniques and began writing long hypnotic pieces of music. He estimates there are somewhere in the region of 1000 hours of recordings in his collection.

Day One (CDr, Album, Ltd) Rotorbabe Recordings 2009
Biblefire (File, AAC) Rotorbabe Recordings 2011
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