Country: Germany


Sjelløs is a German solo project, which seems to have emerged from nowhere. The very first release “Gestalt Der Nacht” doesn’t sound that ambitious as it has been limited to 100 copies. It’s always difficult for a beginning band to make some name, but the quality and musical ideas of this project will for sure help Sjelløs in the quest of a label. In time of Cold Meat Industry supremacy this project would have a real chance to get signed t othe famous label. That’s simply a reference!
The cold cellar atmospheres and other echoing sounds are like awakening evil forces. The first part of the album is fascinating, but just an appetizer for absolute master tracks like “Blüte Der Trauer” and “Illusionen Des Hasses”. We here get surrounded by icy sound waves getting the listener into tormenting ambient music. There’s a strong visionary appeal emerging from several songs, but “Seelenlos Part 1” is for sure outstanding in the genre.
“Gestalt Der Nacht” is a well-crafted and varied piece of dark ambient music, which deserves a wider recognition. I’m really curious to see where this project will end up!
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