The Nagaarum as the band is the successor of the Pigballoon. The Pigballoon was formed in spring 2008.
The only member of the band chose the name changing, when he decided to applying cult black elements for composing the songs. The name Pigballoon lost their raison d'etre. The idea penetrated his mind in April 20th 2011. and has infected it since this time...
The first tracks born mostly ambient style. The album Űrerdő is very simple in musical aspect, monotonous and gloomy. It sounds raw, frowzy, or rough.
The original idea was that the guitars bass and the vocals could handled by other persons, but the problem was "solved by" Nagaarum's knee-illness. When his knees started to indicate artrotic symptoms he started to practice bass for the band GuilThee. He had circa one year to ameliorate himself acceptable level, and since it was succesful he decided that the strings and the vocalization will prepared self too.
The titles and the lyrics was English initially but they was translated Hungarian later, and this method will stay this way.

The songs are recorded at home mainly about zero budget for free distribution (digital versions - mp3). The all the images, artworks, videos and the homepage are own work as well.

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