Loop Guru

Real Name: Cecil B. De Muud, Sam Dodson & Dr. Speechless

Location: Guruniverse, UK

Profile: Most known as Jamuud, Sam & Speechless.
Jamuud (Dave Muddyman): The elusive one. Never plays live. Prefers to sit in his bubble of chaotic laughter ruminating the cosmos and making noises. Sometime co-editor of World Music: The Rough Guides and generative music composer. Often found taping frogs in far flung places. Inventor of the Transynthesised Molecular Construction Kit. Has also formed a Sampledelic folk group, Birdloom.
Sam (Sam Dodson): Lead live guru. Avant gardener and inventor of the paint tin marimba. Expert at guiding beyond the sensible. Composer of the most extraordinary and sensual bass-lines known to man. Used to use sellotapes on his twisted tape loops. Also known as Salman Gita, Samu, and No Odd Mass. Grand Master of vegetarian cooking. Also releases albums under the name of Slipper and Thaw, and runs Elsewhen Records.
Other members (past and present) include Elmer Thudd (drums), Eskimo Bob (multi-instrumentalist), Zahrema (vocals), Linda [aka Nidahl Bulbul] Goldfinger (vocals), Mad Jym (percussion), Lydie Pfeiffer (vocals), Liz Fletcher (vocals).

Sites: MySpace

Aliases: Thaw

Labels: North South, Nation Records, Waveform Records, Strange Fruit, Elsewhen Records, Abstract USA, Craving Company Tape, World Domination Recordings, Hypnotic


The Third Chamber ◄ (2 versions) North South 1994
Duniya (The Intrinsic Passion Of Mysterious Joy) ◄ (3 versions) Nation Records 1994
Duniya (The Intrinsic Passion Of Mysterious Joy) ◄ (2 versions) Waveform Records 1995
Amrita (...All These And The Japanese Soup Warriors) ◄ (4 versions) North South 1995
Transglobal Underground, Fun Da Mental*, Loop Guru - Inner Nation - The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit, Nation Records 1995
Moksha - Peel To Reveal ◄ (3 versions) Strange Fruit 1996
Catalogue Of Desires Volume 3 - The Clear White Variation ◄ (3 versions) North South 1996
Loop Bites Dog ◄ (4 versions) North South 1997
The Fountains Of Paradise ◄ (2 versions) North South 1999
Loopus Interruptus (Forgotten Treasures & Lost Artifacts) (CD, Album) Nation Records 2001
Bathtime With Loop Guru ◄ (2 versions) Elsewhen Records 2003
Wisdom Of The Idiots (Half A History And A History And A Half) ◄ (2 versions) Abstract USA 2003
Elderberry Shiftglass (CD, Album) Elsewhen Records 2006
Catalogue Of Desires Vol.1 (Cass) Craving Company Tape Unknown

Singles & EPs

The Shrine / Mrabet ◄ (3 versions) Nation Records 1992
Paradigm Shuffle / Hope ◄ (2 versions) Nation Records 1993
Duniya Remixes (12", Promo) Nation Records 1993
Shrinic Visions / 1+5/9 ◄ (3 versions) Nation Records 1994
Sus-San-Tics (1-4) ◄ (2 versions) Nation Records 1994
Sus-San-Tics (5-10) (CD, Maxi) Nation Records 1994
Possible Futures - Fourplay ◄ (2 versions) North South 1995
Soulus / Yayli ◄ (2 versions) World Domination Recordings 1996
Skin Heaven ◄ (2 versions) North South 1997
Skin (12", Promo) World Domination Recordings 1997


In A World Of Their Own (4xCD, Album + Box, Comp) North South 1996


Loop Guru / Perfume Tree - Amrita (...All These And The Japanese Soup Warriors) / A Lifetime Away (Cass, Promo) World Domination Recordings 1996
Sheikh (CD) World Domination Recordings, North South 1997
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