Hierofania Ritual Music

In need of representing the Birth of the Holy (Greek hieros (ἱερός) = sacred and faneia (φαίνειν) = manifest) comes Hierofania. Through their hymns to the Sacred, Hierofania represents and expresses this small portion of the Sacred Divine Being! We offering a Musical Ritual in Nature, the Beings who integrate their Bestiality for Divine Superconsciousness, become THAT WAS BORN THAT .... Hierofania born for this ... Worshiping the Sacred, the Divine Cosmos ...

Major Influences for hierophany Project:
Equimanthorn; Elend; Endvra; jacula; Mortiis and other Masters of Style ...

Enjoy the Journey to the Center of Your Universe.


Source: https://soundcloud.com/hierofania
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