Forrest Fang


Bio: In a nutshell, my training was initially as a classical musician, until I came under the influence of the ambient music of Brian Eno and the subversive minimalism of Messrs. Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley. Those influences are still strong today, though I have also learned much from the study of Chinese classical music with the late gu-zheng master Zhang Yan and from the study of Japanese Gagaku music with former Japanese court musician Suenobu Togi.

Aliases: Sans Serif, Spirit Oscillator

Labels: Ominous Thud, Cuneiform Records, Projekt, The Foundry, Treetrunk Records


Migration (LP) Ominous Thud 1986
The Wolf At The Ruins (CD) Ominous Thud 1989
World Diary (CD) Ominous Thud 1992
Folklore (CD) Cuneiform Records 1995
The Blind Messenger (CD) Cuneiform Records 1997
Gongland (CD, Album) Projekt 2000
Forrest Fang & Carl Weingarten - Invisibility (CD) The Foundry 2006
Phantoms (CD, Album) Projekt 2009
Animism (CD, Album) Projekt 2012

Singles & EPs

Seeds Of Memory EP ◄ (2 versions) Treetrunk Records 2012
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