Cluster Balm

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Profile: ambient music isn't your typical musical listening experience, and cluster balm is not your typical ambient listening experience. cluster balm was formed by chance, but really, we think it was formed by destiny. three individuals whose music spans many genres and many moods, who individually come together to form magic collectively and cohesively. .... if you have heard the sounds of cluster balm you have heard the sounds of hope and peace, and the sounds of hope for peace. you have heard the sounds of divine light and you have heard the sounds of utter darkness. you have felt the warmth in your heart and the chill in your spine. you have realized that in times of bitter despair when all seems lost that there can remain hope, and that hope can not only carry you through but have true meaning. .... maybe, as you sit back with your headphones on you realize that from chaos can come beauty, and when this happens to you, you have become part of cluster balm. you have gained understanding and knowledge that will guide you in your quest for hope and peace. you have found balance and you have learned that from chaos comes beauty. .... we sincerely hope you enjoy the music and find it as fulfilling as we do

Label: Blue Water Records

1.0 (2xCD, Album) Blue Water Records 2004
Instamatic (CD) Blue Water Records 2005
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