Real Name: Zak Roberts

Profile: Zak Roberts has been recording and producing extreme electronic music since the mid-1990s. Under monikers such as AK-47 and DJ Rabies, Roberts produced a driving and abrasive hi-fi speedcore sound, pushing the envelope for DIY hardcore producers. Searching for a way to promote and support underground hardcore music, Roberts co-founded the now infamous trashcore label Dtrash Records with fellow digital hardcore comrades CPUWar. After growing tired of his previous sound, Roberts felt the need to evolve and push his work into more complex directions. Feeling the need to start over, Roberts cut working ties with the Dtrash collective (although he still wishes them well and hopes for their success) and changed the name under which he records to Cdatakill. The goal of the Cdatakill project is to pin opposites together, to bring sounds that normally oppose and conflict with each other into a seamless aural nightmare and daydream, to expose and glorify the beautiful alongside the violent.

Sites:, MySpace

Aliases: DJ Rabies, Zak Roberts

Variations: Cdatakill, Cassandra Datakill

Labels: Ad Noiseam, Zhark International, Eupholus Records, Kougai, No Room For Talent, Low Res Records, Hardline Rekordingz


Paradise (2xCD, Album) Ad Noiseam 2003
The Cursed Species (CD, Album) Ad Noiseam 2004
Valentine (CD, Album) Ad Noiseam 2006
Abelcain & Cdatakill - Passage (CD, Album) Ad Noiseam 2008

Singles & EPs

Abelcain / Cdatakill - The Six Stigmata EP ◄ (2 versions) Zhark International 2001
Minion / Cassandra Datakill* - Black & Red EP (12", EP) Eupholus Records 2001
Low Entropy / Cdatakill - Kougai Series (12") Kougai 2001
Cdatakill vs. Resurrector - Cdatakill / Resurrector Split (12") No Room For Talent 2002
666 (7", Ltd) Eupholus Records 2002
Severity Of Gravity (12") Low Res Records 2002
Abelcain vs. Cdatakill - Playing With Knives (12") Low Res Records 2002
Paradisi (12") Ad Noiseam 2003
Southeast Aurora Syndrome EP (10", EP) Hardline Rekordingz 2003
Bleeding Hearts Vol. 2 ◄ (2 versions) Ad Noiseam 2007
Bleeding Hearts Vol. 1 (12") Ad Noiseam 2007


Brazilian Nightmare (CDr) Eupholus Records 2002
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