Real Name: Austere

Profile: Austere is a group based in Portland, Oregon USA, that makes ambient-electronic music. It is unknown who they are, because the group thinks that the music is the important matter and not who is behind it. They have been releasing musick since 1998 and are distributed by Hypnos Online (

Their work has covered a wide-variety of ground in the ambient genre: minimalist "process piece" works (Convergence), minimal dark drones (Monodia), classic flowing "Enoesque" ambient ("fade"), glitchy ambient drum & bass (distance), bizarre and difficult-to-classify "Coilesque" pastiche (Curio), active, moving "unignorable" ambient (evergone) and blissful, floating guitar-only ambient (Remittance.)

They have also released a track called "Coruscate" as part of the Music for Seances: Talking Board series ( produced by The Sound-O-Mat ( in conjunction with the Art*O*Mat project ( as has one of their member's side-project, The Mystifying Oracle (

They are also regular contributors free MP3-only projects and labels such as the Dark Duck Drone Download Project ( and the Dark Winter Coil Tribute Project "Full Cold Moon" (


Members: Freq. Magnet

Labels: Sound-O-Mat, Blue Water Records, Hypnos,


Convergence (CD) Sound-O-Mat 1998
Curio (CDr) Sound-O-Mat 2000
Fade (CDr) Sound-O-Mat 2000
Remission (CDr) Sound-O-Mat 2003
Remittance (CDr) Sound-O-Mat 2004
Austere vs. Stephen Philips - Faded (CDr, Album) Sound-O-Mat 2005
Eco (CD) Sound-O-Mat 2005
Mirror (CDr) Blue Water Records 2007
Pulse (CDr, Ltd) Hypnos Secret Sounds 2007
Solyaris (CD, Album) Hypnos 2008

Singles & EPs

Austere / In The Now - Distance (CDr, EP) Sound-O-Mat 2000
Austere / Abstract Audio Systems - Evergone (CDr, EP) Sound-O-Mat 2004


The Sound Of Silence I: An 'Unnatural History' Of Rare And Unreleased Tracks. (Box, Comp, MP3) Sound-O-Mat 2008


Monodia (CDr) Sound-O-Mat 1999
Coruscate (CDr, Shape) Sound-O-Mat 2003
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