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Arrocata is the moniker for electronic composer Robert Straub. Both formally trained and self-taught, Robert’s musical interests and influences span a wide spectrum from Jazz, Progressive Rock, Experimental Ambient, Musique Concrete, Electronica to the Classics.

After formally studying music in college and Electronic Composition in the mid 1970's with Canadian Composer Alexina Louie, Robert has spent over three decades exploring the compositional
possibilities of electronic music, computer based music, synthesizer programming and audio recording. With creativity and experience, Robert utilizes a unique combination of electronic and natural sounds to intuitively weave a distinctive and sublime sonic experience. Robert's
work often takes shape in many distinctly different forms from serene atmospheric soundscapes with surreal textures, to distinct rhythmic meditations while other works encompass more traditional forms.


Moments of Grace 2011 Experimental, Electronica, Ambient Textures,

Desert Electric 2009 Ambient, Experimental, Electroacoustic, Soundscape, Electronic

The Painter 2008 Ambient, Experimental, Electroacoustic, Soundscape, Electronic

In The Distance 2006 Ambient, Experimental, Soundscape, Electronic

Not Far From Here 2006 Ambient Chill, Electronica, Ambient
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