Xerxes The Dark- Quantum Bang (Split with Müldeponie/ 2013)
Album Name: Quantum Bang (Split with Müldeponie/2013)
Artist: Xerxes The Dark, Müldeponie
Release Year: 2013
Record Label: CVLMINIS / Depressive Illusions Records
Genre: Dark Ambient/ Ambient/ Drone
Origin: Iran & France
Split Album Between Xerxes The Dark from Iran and Müldeponie from France.


1. Müldeponie- Alpha Crucis 4:12
2. Müldeponie- Delta Sagitarii 9:43
3. Müldeponie- NGC 6397 10:00
4. Xerxes The Dark- The Stellar Demise At The Quantum Field 8:08
5. Xerxes The Dark- Capricornus V.O.I.D. 18:00
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