Xerxes The Dark- DIM (2006)

Album name: DIM
Artist: Xerxes The Dark
Release Year: 2006
Record Label: Amduscias Records,USA. [AMR050] / Smell The Stench,AUS. [sts-net 290]
Genre: Dark Ambient/ Noise/
Origin: Tehran, IR.
Album recorded and mixed from winter 2005 to summer 2006 by Morego Dimmer at His Home Studio (DIM*Studio), Mastered on October 2006 by Morego Dimmer, Released in November 2006 by Amduscias Records and DIM*Records (inside IR) and also Smell The Stench on 2007.
1-Dim Side 2:25
2-Dim Curse 5:57
3-Dimness 4:29
4-Dim Land 7:27
5-Dim Face 3:59
6-Dimmer 7:46
7-Dim Times 4:46
8-Dimness Life 9:33
9-Dim Silence 2:37

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