Xerxes The Dark- At Night (Split with Ego Death/2008)
Album Name: At Night (Split with Ego Death/2008)
Artist: Xerxes The Dark, Ego Death
Release Year: 2008
Record Label: Sewer Records,GRE [SWR016]
Genre: Dark Ambient/ Noise
Origin: Iran & Greece
Split Album Between Xerxes The Dark from Iran and Ego Death from Greece.
1– Xerxes The Dark- Disappear, Like A Shadow In The Dark 11:59
2– Xerxes The Dark- Dimness Life 9:35
3– Xerxes The Dark- The End Of The Zodiacal Lights 6:44
4– Ego Death- Classical Arrangement For The Night 1:55
5– Ego Death - Alone In The Forest At Night 4:04
6– Ego Death- Why Every Night The Sea Turns Black? 12:24
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