Xerxes The Dark- Artificial Hell (Split with Nyctalllz / 2007)
Album Name: Artificial Hell (Split with Nyctalllz)
Artists: Xerxes The Dark , Nyctalllz
Release Year: 2007
Record Label: Amduscias Records,USA. [AMR113]
Genre: Dark Ambient/ Noise/
Origin: Tehran, IR.
The Album is the Split between Morego Dimmer's two Projects, Xerxes The Dark (Dark Ambient) & Nyctalllz (Noise). Album Recorded at Dimmer's Home Studio (DIM*Studio) Summer and Fall 2007, Released in December 2007 by Amduscias Records


1–Nyctalllz- Previous Madness (Intro) 5:15
2–Nyctalllz- || 4:55
3–Nyctalllz- ||||| 4:31
4–Xerxes The Dark- Xenogenesis Seizure, Corrosive Nil 9:34
5–Xerxes The Dark- Trauma 9:06
6–Xerxes The Dark- Prescient Fall (Outro) 5:02
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